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We were part of a Local Authority pilot project to establish the first 'Reading for Pleasure' schools and share good practice across the county and beyond. This coincided with the development of our library and careful evaluation of its impact on children's reading. The importance of reading for pleasure has been emphasised in the new national curriculum and we fully endorse this approach. There's a separate web page about our library where you can find out lots more.

Calne is a town with relatively little cultural diversity so it is crucial that our children are educated about the wider world. For many years we have used the International Schools Award to drive this process. The award has just been renewed for 2015-18. To achieve this we have had to demonstrate that the international dimension is embedded in the school's life through seven different major projects in the year. We have also sponsored and helped a school aiming to achieve the intermediate level award.

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The school works closely with local organisations to deliver training that helps children stay safe.
Bikeability used to be called 'Cycling Proficiency' - it teaches children how to ride their bikes safely. This 2-day course is done by most children in year 6.
In younger classes the children receive WalkSafe training every year.
Local fire safety officers also train classes 2 and 6 each year. Police Officers are regular visitors to the school, for the right reasons, most recently bringing in a sniffer dog as part of Year 6's drugs education. The NSPCC brings training for older children in child protection awareness.

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Renewed annually, the widely-recognised Bristol standard is for excellence in the school's early years provision. It creates a rigorous framework for continuous self-evaluation and improvement in teaching methodology and the learning environment, based on the highest professional standards.

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